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Sleepy Wings

What is Sleepy Wings?

Sleepy WingsTM is an innovative and easy way to wrap your baby for sleep ….  without the layers of muslin swaddling! 

Sleepy WingsTM is a versatile slumber jacket that provides parents assistance with their baby’s sleep, feed and scratching habits in the first year when a baby has little control of their own limbs.

Slept safely on their back, a baby’s preferred sleep position is to have their arms bent at the elbows, with hands up beside their face. Without restricting this position, Sleepy WingsTM allows a baby to comfort themselves with access to their mouth to self console.

In general, swaddled babies stir less during their sleep cycles when their hands are restricted from waking themselves.   With their forearms up and with adequate flexibility to access their mouths, a baby wearing Sleepy WingsTM can self settle and soothe without scratching or harming themselves.  When worn from birth, a infant will learn to associate its wear with bed time, relaxing when worn in preparation for milk feeds and sleep.

Its versatile uses make Sleepy WingsTM ideal for warmer temperatures;  for use over a sleeping bag and for babies who react to being too hot around their torso, such as babies with eczema.  Also useful during milk feeds, for dummy retrieval (optional); whilst out and about in the pram or car seat and can be worn upside down if having a babies arms down is preferred – just rotate!

The unique single opening is the arm hole for both left and right arms. This ribbed opening stretches to provide a snug and secure fit from newborn up to 10+ plus.

Certified Organic Combed Cotton

The White Sleepy WingsTM in the range is made from 90% certified organic cotton, which is manufactured in Australia using imported yarn. The fabric is whitened using eco-friendly dye and hydrogen peroxide

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