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The many uses of tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has been a fantastic all round in our house for the last 30 odd years and has been used for things from scratches to soothing aching muscles and everything in between.  So I thought I would let you know about all the useful things we use tea-tree oil on around the Sweet Bubba house.

  1. I love it for helping clear up zits, but be careful because if you get it on the skin around it can dry it out and make it peel.
  2. Any minor cuts that the boys get I place some oil onto a tissue and dab it onto the cut or if my darling Will insists on wearing a band-aid for the smallest of nicks then I put a couple of drops onto the band-aid pad.
  3. I find it is great for soothing the itch of a mossie bite or the sting of a minor spider bite.  Living in the sticks we some times get little critters in the house that give us a bite whilst sleeping and it stings.
  4. If I am getting a bit of a cold I will put some drops on a tissue and inhale or add some to some good quality almond oil or other carrier oil and rub it on my chest or the boys feet when they are getting a cold.
  5. It is also good to put in a vapouriser in the boys room if they are coming down with a cold.
  6. Get a water soluable tea-tree oil and put it in the water bucket for mopping.
  7. Put about a tsp of the water soluable oil in the laundry where the fabric softer goes for a gentle disinfectant and deoderiser.
  8. Great anti-fungal for those prone to athletes foot or ringworm.
  9. My parents used to put a fair dose in our hair with conditioner when we had lice.  Let it sit for a while and then comb out.

So why not pop a bottle into your shopping cart next time you do the groceries for a first-aid kit in a bottle.

Note:  This is not a substitute or constitute medical advice, this is for general information only.  Please be careful to follow the instructions on the bottle carefully.  Teatree oil applications mentioned are for external use only.  Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding should consult a medical professional before using.

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