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Organic and Natural Easter Ideas

or a lot of children easter is about Easter Eggs, paper hats and easter baskets and whilst you don't want children on an chocolate high the long weekend you don't want to put a damper on the Easter festivities.  So here are a few suggestions to make Easter a little heathier and a little greener from Sweet Bubba Eco Store.


Make your own easter chocolates

Why not grab some delicious organic chocolate and some hallowed out egg shells and make some fantastic easter delights.  Not only will you know that your children will be getting excellent quaility chocolate there will only be one wrapper. and even better you can save some for yourself for later.  Get you favourite organic chocolate and put it in a bot or bowl resting on a saucepan of boiling water (try not to let the water get into the chocolate).  Stir until the chocolate has melted and pour into a prepared egg shell.  To make them look special why not decorate the eggs (see below for egg decorating - you might want to do the decorating before the chocolate filling) .


Egg decorating

Next time you are making a quiche or scrambies for breakfast, instead of cracking the eggs place a pin whole in one end and a slightly larger whole in the other.  With the smaller whole up blow out the contents of the eggs into a bowl and save the egg shells.  Go a head with making your beautiful brekky.  


Pinks and Reds can be made from, raspberry juice, pomegranate juice, the juice from the skin of boiled red onions, beetroot juice, cranberry juice etc,

Organic from carrot juice, or paprika,

Yellow from tumeric or cumin,

Green boiled spinach (allow to cool before dipping),

Brown use strong coffee or tea;

Blue use blueberries

Soak the eggs in the colours, the longer the soak the deeper the colour. You can paint them on but may need a few coats.  Why not soak one half in one colour and the other half in another.  Place the eggs in a 4 holder egg box to make an easter egg basket.


Easter Egg Baskets

Next  you get eggs don't throw out the container, keep them for easter baskets and decorations.  For a twelve box container cut it into 3 x 4 egg slots and then attach some nice woven ribbon and paint with the above food colourings or some child safe paints (and I don't mean the ones from a general shop).  Put a few organic cotton wall balls in the bottom (which can also be coloured in the food colouring).  The lids can be used as trays for carrots for the Easter Bunny.



And while we are on the topic of carrots why not use this as an opportunity to try and ignite the spark of interest in carrots for little ones.  Whilst we know it can often be hard for them to eat their vegies, but dressing up carrots with other foods to make a face of an Easter Bunny and tell your kiddies that the Easter Bunny loves carrots.  I have a very fussy eater so know that these incentives may not be enough to get them eating carrots but I think it is worth a try. Don't forget to lightly steam your carrot sticks if you are giving it to those under 5 or so to prevent choking on broken off peices of carrot.


Get Outside for a Hunt

Rather than just giving your children the chocolate, why not get them to burn of the energy they will get from eating the chocolate by having them racing around the backyard or a local park to find the Easter Eggs.  The home-made ones above will look very cute hidden in little tufts of grass and bushes around the place.

So from Sweet Bubba Eco Store have a very happy and green easter

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